Trailer Generator
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Also known as a range extender.

This trailer generator is going to be constructed from a Fiat 652cc engine attached to MG1 from a Prius Gen 1.

Fiat 652cc engine.

Prius engine and transaxle (MG1 is in the middle left of the chain drive). Image from

It should produce 10kW - 12kW of continuous power and boost to around 20kW if needed for short bursts.

First stage is to prepare the engine:

Need to make an adapter so the engine can power the generator:

Original gimp image

Preliminary assessment of the generator output:
On high idle
Revved to about 2,000 RPM

A bit of research is required.

So we should be able to get over 200vDC and over 50A.
Probably spec up diodes for the rectifier at 100A.

Making progress on the engine mount:

Engine with shaft and half of the original Prius power split device.

Prius MG1 with power split device ring gear and locking plate.