EV0 Mechanics

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EV0a (a.k.a The inspiration)

In order to add the milk float motor to the Fiat 126 we need to construct a frame
which can hold the motor and the gearbox to which it will be attached.

Rough sketch of the frame for mounting the motor.

Views of the car with the motor outline superimposed.
I took the images at a measured 2 metres range to give a rough fit for size.

Original Blender CAD
Draft of the frame to mount.

Bit more complex than I hoped, but there we go.

Almost finished perspective.

Full frame.

And just the gearbox mount section.

Dimensions in persective.

Need to cut some box and then cut into angle:
4 sections are 363 + 192 + 330 + 331
330 + 331 = 661 and 363 + 192 = 555 so a section 661 long would do.

Finished frame, just need to drill out.

EV0b (a.k.a EV0 Upgrade)

The EV0b (upgraded) version (Daihatsui HiJet) started with gusto this year.
More will be added as the media is prepared.

Conversion design:

Assessing the conversion

Assessing the motor connection options

Starting the component removal

Daihatsui Hijet Petrol Tank Backflow Valve Problems

Load floor removal #1

Preparing the back axle

Load Floor removal #2

Assessing axle rotation

Real axle removed

Preparing rear axle for refitting

Rear axle refitted

Rear axle preparation for testing

Rear axle ready for motor

Assessing motor mount and coupling

Assessing motor mount and coupling #2

Final stages of construction:

Frame mount to milk float motor

Milk float motor mount completed

Milk float motor mounted, preparing link to propshaft

Constructing the motor coupling

Constructing the coupling #2

Axle coupling

First run on a road

First run on a road #2

Motor coupling

Second road test with new mount:

Daihatsu engine removal #1

Daihatsu engine removal #2

Assessing the new motor mount

Removing the first motor mount

Inspection of the first coupling

The first mount and coupling

Preparing the van chassis for the new motor mount

Constructing the new motor mount

New motor mount in place

New mount first test

Second road test assessment

Third test with full electrics

Preparing for full electrics

Third road test

Imagery edited in Gimp, CAD created in Blender, Video edited in Avidemux