The Mass-EV Machine Shop

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Turbo Electric Ltd is now located at the new workshop on Milford Road

One of the skills I need to obtain in order to progress with the motor construction is machining.
This site goes through some of the real basic stuff, which will get me off the blocks.
I did metalwork at school so I'm hoping some of this will come back.

I did work as a welder for a container manufacturer also as a mechanic, so I guess I have that one covered.
I also did some mechanical engineering at Preston University.

My main issue is getting started without blowing too much money on expensive machining tools.
Looks likely I will need a milling machine and a lathe for the motor parts.

I already have a drill press and it seems I can add a cross vise and milling bits to this to make a low cost milling machine.
This will give me the ability to machine the motor laminates which can be bolted together to make the rotor and stator parts.
This business has a branch in Swindon which is not too far from here.
They sell motors and generators too.

Since the nice chaps at Lloyds have advanced me some dosh I kitted out my workshop with some useful items:

EV0 Mechanics

In order to add the milk float motor to the Fiat 126 we need to construct a frame which can hold the motor and the gearbox to which it will be attached.

Mass-EV Power Chassis

Mass-EV construction has finally begun.

Trailer Generator

Also known as a range extender.

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