Mass EV Technology

Brushless DC Motor Theory

The beating heart of all modern electric cars
Here you see the 3 phases of the brushless DC (BLDC) motor
Red at 0 degrees, blue at 120 degrees, green at 240 degrees

These are represented in the animation by the 6 coloured "doughnuts"
They are "solenoids" or coils of wire
There are 6 since there are 2 for each phase on opposite sides of the rotor
so you have a complete magnetic field passing through the center of the motor
in 3 directions at 120 degrees to each other.

We have the rotor which has a fixed magnet (show above spinning as shaded grey) and would be attached to the output shaft.

The three phases red, blue and green are each producing an alternating field
and the three together produce a rotating field
which pulls the rotor magnet round and thus the shaft.

Patent Technology

Brushless DC Motor without Permanent Magnets

This technology is about making the motor more powerful for the same size and weight.

I estimate this will make the motor considerably more powerful.
In the region of 5 time more!

This makes hub motors far more feasible and 4-wheel drive could be far more cost effective.

Brushless Motor Resonant Controller

This is about making a brushless motor more efficient by making it possible to tune a controller to the motor's specific internal characteristics.

Current brushless motors are quite efficient already.
In the region of 80% and up.
I would estimate the resonant controller would increase this to the 90% region.

This would increase the range and top speed of the car.

Decoupled Turbine Generator

This is about using current turbine technology in a new way to create a very efficient and simple generator.

The Decoupled Turbine Generator can use a range of liquid and gas fuels, including petrol and hydrogen.

Of course, the use of hydrogen as a fuel means the Decoupled Turbine Generator would be a competitor for the fuel cell.

The advantage of the Decoupled Turbine Generator is that it is a fraction of the cost of fuel cells for a similar performance.

Simple Split-Rail Brushless Motor Controller

Multistage Micro-Turbine Generator